The objective in Baccarat (bah-kuh-rah) is to score a nine or close to it. The deuce through nine is worth their face value ie; a six and a three equal nine. The value of an Ace is one point. Tens and face cards have no value.




The player has three betting options, bet banker, player, or tie. The player’s bet is announced prior to the deal.


The Deal


Cards are dealt from a box called the shoe. Either the player or casino dealer can hold the shoe meaning either can deal. The player never deals in Mini-Baccarat. The cards are dealt face up one to the banker one to the player in rotation until both have two cards.




If for example a four is dealt with a ten or a face card the hand’s value (decision) is four, not 14. Remember 10s and face cards are valueless. If a nine and a five were dealt the decision is 14. To win you must bet on the hand whose decision is closest to nine.


Natural Win


A natural win instantly ends a round of play. A natural win occurs when either the player or banker is dealt two cards totaling eight or nine.


Drawing Additional Cards


In Baccarat the player must stand on six or seven. On any total below six, the player may draw additional cards. If the banker draws a third card depends on the value of the third card the player drew and the banker’s score.



  • Player draws a 2-3 the banker draws on 0-4 and stands on 5-7.



  • Player draws 4-5 the banker draws on 0-5 and stands on 6-7



  • Player draws 6-7 the banker draws on 0-6 and stands on 7



  • Player draws an 8 the banker draws on 0-2 and stands on 3-7



  • The player draws a 9, 10, or face card the banker draws on 0-3 and stands on 4-7



Let’s look at strategies to win at Baccarat.


Bet Banker


The odds of winning slightly favor the banker. If a player successfully bets banker a 5% commission is taken out of their winnings. If the banker goes on a winning streak ride that streak for as long as it continues.


The End of the Banker’s Streak


The banker’s streak has ended so you change your betting strategy right? Wrong, the odds still favor the banker winning so wait for the decision of the next hand. Let the decision determine whether you bet bank or player.


Don’t Bet the Tie


Baccarat bets are made with units. A losing bet on a tie will cost the player 14 times the number of units as a losing bet on player or bank.

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