The biggest “tip and strategy” for gambling, regardless if you are playing blackjack or domino qiu qiu, is to remember that it is meant as a form of entertainment, not as a way to get rich quick or as a way to make money.

Never use the money that you need to pay rent, utilities, food or other basic needs. The money you spend gambling has to be money that was set aside in the budget as entertainment money. If you are living “paycheck to paycheck” and there isn’t much entertainment money (if any) then you should not be gambling for money. Money meant for your basic needs should never be gambled with.

Leave credit cards/debit cards at home when you go out gambling; and, NEVER borrow money from friends or relatives so you can continue gambling. Once your allotted gambling fund is depleted, it’s time to go home, or move on to a form of gambling that doesn’t take money.

Only bring the money you initially set aside to gamble with; have a clear “exit plan” if the money runs out before you planned it to.

Balance gambling with other activities; don’t make the sole purpose of the evening, or vacation all about gambling.

You now know and understand the rules for gambling responsibly; now, we can look into some tips to make your gambling budget go further.

Tips and Strategies to help your Gambling Dollars Go Further

A good piece of advice it to avoid the slot machines, they are the fastest way to lose all your gambling money and send you packing before you have had some real fun.

Your odds are much better at video poker. But first you must seek out a good machine which has a good pay return. .

The odds at hitting a Royal Flush in Video poker are 1/40,000. A video poker game draws 600 hands an hour, at that rate, you would have to play that machine eight hours a day for 8.3 days to hit the jackpot. However, that is still better odds that the slots at 1/262,000. If you have the funds in your allotted gambling fund to allow you to sit at a video poker machine for eight hours a day for 8.3 days, then I say “go for it”–however, most of us don’t have the funds or the time, we have jobs to get back to not to mention families and a life!

Some would probably say gambling is a waste of time and money, then how are there so many casinos the worldwide that are making a lot of money? What is the allure of places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Monte Carlo that people flock to? Is it the bright lights, and sounds of the machines that draw people? Or their never ending hope of “hitting the big one” and “striking it rich?” Whatever the reason, gambling is here to stay as long as people continue to have these visions of grandeur and have enough coins to put in a slot machine or video poker machine.