Deciding to place sports bets online can be a big decision. Especially as, if you place bets correctly, you could have a chance of winning big but, if you place the poorly, you could lose badly.

Thankfully, there are some tips you can follow that will allow you to consistently win when placing sports bets online. These are some of the best.


Research is your friend — The most important thing when getting involved with sports bets online is making sure you have done the right research.

This includes researching every league, tournament, team and player you may bet on and placing your bets taking into consideration what you have learned.

After all, both teams and players win and lose depending on who is injured, who is having family problems, and who has problems with their management or coach. Learn all about these things and more before you place bets, and you will find your bets tend to do better.


Bet on sports you are knowledgeable about — Never place bets on sports you do not understand. Instead, place bets on sports you have in depth knowledge or experience with, and you will find your bets are more successful.

For instance, if you have played football, watched tennis for years or been to hundreds of horse races, these are the sports you should bet on.


Read the news — Keep up to date on what is happening in the sports news as this can have a big impact on what happens with upcoming leagues or teams.

Anything that may have a negative impact on a team news-wise should also have an impact on how you place bets.


Always bet sober — One of the biggest mistakes online gamblers make is betting online while drinking.

Never bet when drinking or drunk, but instead only place bets when you are sober. Especially as you will usually make fewer mistakes.


Take advantage of special offers — Many bookmakers, such as for example SBOBET365 Sports, offer special offers when it comes to gambling on sports online.

These special offers can be anything from free money to gamble with to loyalty bonuses for those who gamble on one site many times a month.


Stick to one or two sports — Many online gamblers spread themselves too thin when it comes to betting on sports online at winsbobet. That means they gamble on five, 10 or more sports, but do not know that much about any sport they bet on.

The best way to consistently win on sports bets online is to only gamble on one or two sports. This will allow you to learn everything you can about each sport and then be able to gamble on them accordingly.