When it comes to online gambling, it’s hard to beat slots due to the accessibility of the game, and the pure excitement of never knowing when you’ll receive a payout. This makes slots the perfect game for beginners in the world of online gambling. That said, some slots games are better than others for beginners, mainly due to reasons concerning volatility, and high stakes vs low stakes. Let’s go over the top four most exciting slots games for beginners, and why they’re such a great choice if you’re new to gambling online.

  1. Age of The Gods

This fun themed slots game is based off of the Greek gods and features characters like Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, and Hercules (though technically he’s half-god). Each character gives certain bonuses that allows the player to multiply their bet. The max multiplier is 7000x which can lead to some pretty hefty payouts. The game itself is five reel with 20 pay lines, making it quite volatile, but that’s part of the excitement. If you’re a fan of Greek mythology, or if you like games that have big multipliers, be sure to check out Age of the Gods at Party Casino.

  1. Starburst

No, this game has nothing to do with the popular candy, but if you want a slots game that’s all about bright lights, fancy graphics, and neon colors, this slots game is a great choice. Described as a “space-themed” game, this slots variant has you trying to match up various sparkly gems for big wins. With five reels and 10 pay lines, the beauty here is in its simplicity, and it’s dazzling presentation. If you want a flashy situs slot game, give Starburst a try at NetEnt.

  1. Fortunium

When it comes to innovation and having lots of features, Fortunium is hard to beat. This slots game has it all: Win Boosters, Free Spins, and Wild Symbols. Also, being a more modern style slots game, it is fully optimized to be used on mobile, making it easily accessible when you’re on the go. It should also be mentioned that much of the excitement here is found in the fact that there are 40 pay lines in this game, and you can wager more to win more using the aforementioned Win Booster. Lose, and you have wasted your wager, but win, and you could see a huge payout! Fortunium is made by StormCraft Studios, and backed by Microgaming.

  1. Astro Babes

Another relatively new online slots game is Astro Babes. Featuring five attractive “babes” wearing vintage 1950s style space suits, this game has three exciting features that sets it apart from the rest. The first is Lucrative Scatters, which can get you up to 50 free spins. The second is Astro Wilds which activates when the image of a “babe” covers an entire reel, turning it into a wild. The last is the Hyperspace Delivery Bonus. This is basically a combination of the first two features, and makes it so that during free spins the image of a “babe” will expand to cover the entire reel. Astro Babes is made by Playtech.