Football (or Soccer as the Americans like to say) is among the most heavily gambled sports in the world. According to the Mirror, an online newspaper in London, $1.4 billion Euro was reported in the 2015-2016 football season for Great Britain alone, with bookmakers pulling in a tidy profit of close to a third of that total amount, $333 million Euros. And that’s just Britain alone.

Football is perhaps the number one betting sport in the world, for the reason that it is the most popular game in the world, and because there are so many ways to bet on soccer.

 Best ways to bet on soccer

There are dozens of ways to bet on soccer, but experts say the best solution for all but the professional gambler is to bet on the outcome, either bet on a team to win, bet on them to lose, or bet on a draw.

By betting in this fashion, you make your betting simpler and more manageable.

Once you’ve selected your betting amount and betting strategy, the next thing to do is do your research.

 Doing Research on Soccer

First, learn as much about football before betting at a casino online. Tune into a major sports channel, and watch commentators discuss the ins and outs of various soccer games. Once you’ve gotten a feel for the game from insiders, then delve into sports statistics and try to understand further how the game works.

Secondly, realize the sports odds change can change for soccer so that if a team has a 60 percent odds of winning the game according to the sports book, but then the day of the game the odds have dropped to 20 percent, that more than likely means a key player has been injured. So try to delay your sports bet as long as your bookmaker will allow.

Thirdly, try to learn to analyze stats. A high-scoring team may quickly before a low scoring team if the opposing goal player has a record of blocking 80 or more percent of shots at the goal. So lean on player statistics rather than merely won or loss records.

Fourth, use logic, not your fan favorites. You may adore Manchester United for example, but does that mean you should bet on them to win every time? Hardly. It you are betting using logic rather than as a fan, you’ll more often come into the winner’s station.

Fifth, if your analysis is that the odds seem like a toss-up, don’t be afraid to bet on a draw. Sometimes, betting on a draw is just good betting strategy.

Sixth, if you’re going to gamble, don’t blindly follow just one bookmaker. If you check the odds of half a dozen legitimate bookmakers, you can cut the odds of your losing money down significantly from one bookmaker to the next.