The Five Commandments of Sports Betting

This is a billion-dollar industry. Many are looking to cash in. Many are looking to get a slice of the pie. Before you do there are some things you need to get a handle on. You need to know what you are betting on and the odds placed on the game. Here are the top 5 commandments every person should follow when getting into sports betting.


Too many get involved and it affects their health. Do not get involved when it affects your health. Are you prone to high blood pressure? Are you prone to high levels of stress? Do not get involved with it. Those who do need to severely limit their time. It is like the stock market. You need to think about a marathon, not doing a sprint. Bad health equals poor choices and more money being lost.

This is a business

You need to think of this as a business deal. You either take the deal or you pass. You can only make these choices when your mind is centered in the right place. This is not a hobby. It cannot be thought of as one. Sports betting needs to be taken seriously. Many people have lost a great deal of money. This can come at a price. You go into this with blinders and lack of knowledge, you will be out of business very quickly. Think about it.

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Do not chase

This is a problem for some people. Would you chase a guy who is clearly not interested in you or what you are feeling? Some of us have in the past and gotten hurt. Do not do this to yourself. You will win some and lose some. You need to walk away when you start to see signs that something is going south. Chasing will only paint you in a bad light. Some like to overcompensate for their losses. It is the same in a relationship. Some like to overcompensate their feelings for someone when it is very clear that it is over. Show some self-respect. Walk away. Source: agen bola.

Walk away when things are going well too

As soon as you hit your “hot point”, you need to pack it up. It is like hitting it off with someone you like. You never show all your cards right away. Leave the guy wanting more. Same rules apply here. Each person’s hot spot is different. The idea is to recognize it within yourself and give yourself some love.


“Keep the mystery, always the mystery”


Take some time off

You are treating this like a job. There comes a time when you need to walk away and take time off. Do it. It will refresh your mind, body, and soul. Choose the right time to do this. All that hard work may work against you. Take a week off. Take two weeks off. Each person needs something different. Get outside. Take in the fresh air. Do whatever you need to do to recharge. Otherwise, you will get burned out very quickly.