If you are new to playing poker online, you are probably wondering if you will be able to win at the game online easier than you would be able to do offline.

While it may not be a lot easier to win at poker online, there is no doubt it can be easier. Especially if you know what you are doing, and you follow a few basic tips.

People behave worse online — One of the interesting things you will quickly discover about poker online or DominoQQ is that many people behave worse online than off. Just like they do in forums and on social media, people will often be ruder, make silly mistakes when playing and quickly lose their cool when things start to go badly for them.

This can be an excellent time for you to take advantage of their bad behavior. Keep your cool, relax and take deep breaths, then play as you normally would. By staying calm, you will often make better decisions than those that are behaving badly. Then you will reap the rewards.


More games can be played simultaneously — One of the easiest ways to win easier online is to play more games.

If you play offline, however, you are limited to being in just one game at once. Not so with poker online, where you can play several games simultaneously. This gives you more chances of winning, and can also make it easier to win. As long as you pay attention to every game you are currently playing.


You can make your gameplay distraction free — No matter where you play offline, you will often have distractions as you play.

These can be anything from other players talking to waiters appearing with drinks, or even someone having a fight at the opposite side of the casino.

With a typical offline game, however, you can create an entirely distraction free environment. This will allow you to concentrate on nothing but the game, and hone in on what you should be doing to win. In many cases, this can be the difference between having a winning game and a losing one.


Faster games online — If you want to play many games a night in order to maximize your chances of winning, then poker online is the game to play.

Games move faster, there are more of them, and you can play multiple games at the same time. As a strategy for winning more often, therefore, playing poker online can be a good one. Simply because you will get the fast speeds of gameplay you will not often get offline.

The only drawback to playing online is that there tend to be more good players than offline. Keep coming up against them, and you could find yourself losing more often. That is why you should monitor who you play against each time you play.