There are a few sportwetten em for international football, or soccer, that have been more successful than the rest. Here’s some information on who they are, what they’ve done, and more. If you look into it, you may be able to learn from their example and figure out the best way to bet the way they do so that you can replicate their success in some way.


Tony the Lizard


Anthony Bloom is known as “Toy the Lizard.” He’s a pro sports gambler who’s nearing his fifties. He started a company known as Starlizard, which people describe as like a hedge fund for betting. He’s worth multiple billion dollars and he owns the Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club, or in America, a Soccer Club. He’s bet on sports throughout his whole life and gained his name “The Lizard’ due to having a very cold way of betting at the poker table and on sports. His main strategy is if you bet huge then you have to be ready to lose hugely. This is why he focuses on huge bets that have giant payouts and focus on how much he actually earns instead of obsessing about his percentage of winning. Another strategy he heavily uses is based on other people overreacting to events like teams with an injured player. Instead, he bets on those teams since it’s something everyone else is missing. He’s bet as much as 1 million pounds on a single match.


Parlay Patz


Ben Patz, who got his name from betting on parlay bets made a million dollars just on that. He bets on all types of sports including pro sports. He got in trouble with the law due to making threats.


Billy Waters


Billy also bets on many different types of sports but he transitioned away from it eventually and now he only has about a0% of his money-making activities on sports betting.


Learning from Famous Football Bettors


The most important thing about all of this is to try to learn what you can from famous football bettors. The most successful seem to have a few things in common. For example, many of them are highly interested in football and have been from a young age, like Tony the Lizard. He used his success to own an actual Football Club himself, for example. He also isn’t afraid of having a clear strategy that includes losing sometimes, since this is inevitable whenever you bet on enough games. It’s important to include that in your strategy.