The online slot machines have really transformed over the last few years. Games with one pay line and three reels have been replaced by video slots with hundreds of lines and numerous reels. With so many distractions at the online casino, it can be difficult to be able to win money consistently without a plan.

Today we discuss a few of the things that you will need to know about winning money at the online slots on a regular basis.

Analyzing the Slot Pay Tables

Although those video slots might appear to be the same, they are worth taking a closer look. These games are packed with bonus features that can really make the difference in winning hundreds or thousands on a single spin. The best thing that you can do right now is to simply open the slots and read the pay tables carefully on one of the many gambling sites like Situs Judi Bola.

Compare apples to apples and then only play the games which are paying the most money. What you are going to discover when doing this is that all the video slots you thought you loved wound up being the lowest paying machines at the entire online casino.

Betting the Right Amounts

One of the biggest mistakes players make at the slot machines is playing too conservatively. Looking at that pay table closely, you will discover that some machines will only pay the jackpot on the max bet. So even if you have four coins in the machine because you are trying to stretch out the money, the jackpot is paid on the fifth coin.

That one coin could be the difference in winning a hundred dollars to a million dollars. Don’t make this very costly mistake because it will haunt you a lifetime when you see those reels line up and you realize you were short money. Bet the max and never run that risk of missing a huge payout that could have changed your life forever.

Setting and Sticking to Limits

The majority of players at the online casino think this is all fun and games. These players don’t feel like they are wagering real money because you fund the account with plastic, so it feels harmless. In order to put yourself in a winning position, setting limits is the key to your ultimate success. Set a winning limit for the day, and regardless if you reach that number in 15 minutes or three hours, you pull those innings off the table and walk away ahead.

The same must be said for a losing limit. Set the losing limit and if you hit a cold streak, it is time to walk away. It doesn’t matter if you lose that money in an hour or 5 minutes, quitting allows you to cool off and come back tomorrow with a huge chunk of your bankroll still in play.


Play this way and what you will discover is not only are you building a bankroll, you are positioning yourself to be in the right place when that huge jackpot is triggered and all that cash spills into your casino account.