Horse and dog races are entertaining, and you can easily master the types of bets and increase your winnings. An aficionado of horse and greyhound races has his or her own strategy to win. Aficionados spend enough time at the track to get to know the horses or dogs, but they will tell you the fastest dog will win. If you intend to bet online, you have to locate a race site (ทางเข้า sbobet) which allows betting from your state. All bets are placed prior to the start of a race. Winnings are a share of the pooled money bet on that race.

Types of Bets

Simplified, you can bet that a horse or dog will win, place, or show. Winning is finishing first. Placing is crossing the finish line second, and showing is crossing the finish line third. Place and show bets also pay if the horse or dog you chose comes in second or first. Betting on the horse or dog most don’t expect to win may be a good strategy because the winnings are much greater if the long shot wins.

Choosing a Winning Horse or Dog

The track position leaving the starting gate is based on the horse or dog’s performance in a qualifying lap. Each track has a position for the slowest entrant in a prequalifying race. Typically, the slowest running animal is in the seventh out of eight positions. While the seventh position entrant rarely wins, the eighth position animal can come in first from the outside.

Increased Winnings

Trifectas pay the greatest amount of money in each race. A trifecta is the horses or dogs that win, place, and show chosen in order. If you place a $2 trifecta bet on the first three horses or dogs in order, you maximize your winnings. If you place a $6 bet on three doges to win in any order, your trifecta winnings are a fraction of your winnings on a two dollar trifecta bet.

Quinellas and Exactas

Quinellas are the first two horses or dogs to cross the finish line, and exactas are the first two horses or dogs to cross the finish line in order. Exactas pay more than quinellas, but quninellas pay more than individual bets. The animal who the fewest number of people bet on pays the most when it wins, places, or shows because the pool of money bet is divided among a lesser number of people.

A Winning Strategy

To increase your chances of winning a trifecta, you can rule out the two horses or dogs least likely to win. Next, consulting an index card you created before the race, bet $2 on each possible trifecta combination of the six horses or dogs. The $2 bet placed on exactly guessing the three horses or dogs to win, place, and show in order pays more money than a wheeled trifecta. Your winning $2 bet may pay thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Winning one single trifecta pays for your losses in other races. This method is extremely effective in races of inexperienced horses or dogs which pay a lot of money because the results are unpredictable. No one really knows which entrant will win.