If you are a beginner in the sports betting world, but would like to be able to become expert at it, it pays to start off betting on the easiest sports.

This will not only help you learn about the sports betting world, it will also increase your confidence as you gamble.

Start with these three easy sports to bet on. You can move onto more complicated sports a few months down the road.


The sports you understand — Before we choose a specific sport, let us state the obvious. The easiest sport to bet on is the one that you understand the most.

That means, it does not matter if you watch soccer, American football, basketball, baseball or cricket all the time, what matters is that you understand it.

Games you understand are much easier to bet on, simply because you already know the rules, what the possible outcomes could be and are familiar with the players or the teams.


American football or soccer — Depending on if you are American or not, these two are the two easiest sports to bet on.

If you are American, then American football is usually the easiest to bet on, if you know the rules.

If you are just about any other nationality, it is soccer.

Again, this is due to most Americans having grown up watching American football, so understanding the game and what is important in it. The same goes for soccer for the rest of the world.


Tennis — Tennis can be easy to bet on as players are ranked. This means, if a number 3 ranked player is playing against a number 43 ranked player, the chances of the higher ranked player winning are much bigger.

If you keep up on the odds the bookies provide as well, this can help you bet correctly even more.