As playing dominoQQ online is a much different game than the one you are used to offline, you will find you also need to have different winning strategies than you are used to.

Playing with strategies that are optimized for online play, however, can drastically improve your chances of winning. Make sure you adopt the following ones before you even play your first game.


Spend hours on the free games — Many beginners eager to begin playing domino qiu qiu online avoid the free games and go straight into rooms where they can gamble real money.

This is a big mistake. The free domino qiu qiu games allow you to become familiar with that casino’s software. They also allow you to improve your skills and doing so for free.

Spend your first couple of days online playing nothing but the free games. Once you move into gambling on domino qiu qiu for real, you will understand quickly what a smart strategy that turned out to be.


Keep tight control of your bankroll — As domino qiu qiu games online are played much faster than those offline, you will need to have a bigger bankroll in order to make any impact.

Beginners with a bigger bankroll tend to play a loose game. They squander money faster, and they do not keep an eye on what is left. That is until they run out of money and cannot buy in to the next game.

Keep tight control of your bankroll. Allocate a certain amount nightly, and walk away as soon as that has been gambled. It is only with strict control you have any hope of becoming good at the game.


Stop when you are losing — Many new domino qiu qiu online players continue to play when they are on the biggest losing streak they have been on in years.

Stop playing the game when you are losing as, with variance rates being so high online, you have little chance of your game turning around. Come back on another day when your luck may have changed, and you will not run out of money quickly.

Allow for the higher variance rates — The game domino qiu qiu online is played faster than any domino qiu qiu game you have played before.

Due to this speed, the variance rate you will experience is also much higher. This can mean being stuck in a downward spiral for days if not weeks before it picks up.

Becoming a good online player, and being able to compete against the best, means allowing for this higher variance rate by continuing to play through it.

When you come out at the other side, and begin to win more frequently, you will then realize dealing with that variance rate was worth it as the payouts for winners can be high.