Online Bingo

The internet offers dozens of different bingo games 24 hours every day and seven days every week. All that is necessary to play is a computer, a reliable connection to the internet, a Web-browsing software program and this online bingo guide. Online bingo games are similar to the games at bingo halls. The bingo card is seen in a pop-up window and shows the face of the cards, the current number, numbers previously called, a listing of all the current players and a chat room. The chat room enables the players to talk between bingo games. The majority of websites offering bingo games have online offers such as bingo news, fun stuff, comments and pictures of previous winners, special events and tournaments and places where gift certificates won online can be redeemed.

How to Play Bingo Online

People play bingo online for fun, relaxation and to win prizes. To begin, the user must sign up for a user name. In order to claim the prizes, the user must provide a valid email address. The majority of the games are coverall and straight line bingo. In most cases, the player will receive three cards for each game. Each games has a pattern the player must match to win. This appears in the bingo window. The numbers are randomly called by a computer. When a player gets one of their numbers they use their mouse to “daub” their cards. When the player achieves a match they click on the bingo button.

The Prizes

Most bingo sites do offer some cash prizes. Players are often entered automatically for a set amount when they enter. The prizes are usually not actual cash but redeemable for gift certificates for different sites. Each site requires a specific number of points before they can be cashed in for a gift certificate. The best prizes are for progressive blackouts. This is difficult to achieve but generally results in enough points to redeem for a nice gift certificate. Some of the online bingo games are free but some do have a fee. These fees are paid with a credit or debit card and these sites generally offer big prizes.

The Socialization Factor

Many people play online bingo because they enjoy the socialization. After playing for a short period of time it becomes easy to recognize the names of the regulars. Some of the players are not interested in socializing while others like to chat. If a player becomes annoying there is an ignore feature to prevent them from chatting with the other player. Most sites also offer some type of private chat. This enables players to send one another confidential messages. The best time for socialization is between games because once a game begins the numbers appear very rapidly. There are numerous sites offering online bingo games and they are all slightly different. The best option is to try out several sites until the player finds one that has what they are looking for and feels comfortable. Online bingo is basically the same as regular bingo except the player does not need to leave home.