Ruth Playstyle

To play to Ruth is to play more hands than the standard and the object is for the player not to get down in number of chips, often. A Ruth table is one that consist of many so-called loose players, so that the entire game is loose. Being loose is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is not as controlled as other playstyles.

If you participate in Ruth, the number of times that you will be eligible to receive chips will also increase, so if the surroundings are tight , there are many times that chips will decrease and arbitrarily get rolled.

Tight Playstyle

Playing tight is the style that indicates the number of times for the player to participate in the game is small, and as a result, the play style folds earlier. Roughly speaking, this would mean that the purse string is hard. A tight table is a table with many tight players which happens often because most players believe that it is generally said to be a good play style. Especially when it is a low level table, a tight playstyle is a style that is very effective when there are always players. You can earn a lot in the situation that your hand is strong and your opponent’s hand is weak while playing a tight style.

To play tight , that is, it will be difficult to lose because especially if you will be competing with a strong hand. However, since the number of times for you to participate in the game decreases, the opportunities will be fewer for you. In the event that there are many callers, it comes to a strong hand, it can be said that it is easier for you to gain some big wins.

Aggressive Style

Anyone who is playing with an aggressive style, is to have a play style with many bets , raises , and reraises . It has a very different meaning from loose play, that requires attention from players. Many advanced players are extremely cautious about the cards they play and narrow their starting hand, but once decided to participate in the game many often play aggressively . An aggressive table is a table dominated by aggressive players.

People who win in poker are often thought to be aggressive players. I myself can not win unless I get a lot of chips, so I can not win big if I am not aggressive .

Passive Style

Passive indicates a play style that is known for not raising much betting . Tight is not necessarily the same meaning as this plays style. A typical loose passive player will call almost any kind of hand and will raise it with a tremendously strong hand. Passive tables are tables that typically have many passive players, and as a result there are features such as fewer preflop raises .

It is not recommended that you be passive , but sometimes if you are lucky enough, you draw a draw with the river. Then you can compete with a strong hand without being understood by the opponent.